Developer Story

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Building Companies in Miami, GC3 Development is a family operated business that traces back its roots a couple of generations to founder Pedro Garcia-Carrillo and son Michael Garcia-Carrillo. Together they have created a portfolio of over a thousand homes including some of South Florida’s most distinguished projects in the last three decades. With a philosophy to, “never compromise on quality or customer service,” the team opts to work closely with their clients to ensure a satisfying home buying experience. If your family is ready for a new home, the GC3 family is ready to build.

GC3 Development has spearheaded and successfully zoned, platted, constructed and sold boutique-sized luxury communities and large home subdivisions throughout South Florida, all leaving an impression like none other. Known for their cutting edge approach on a classic craft, trust that in choosing your exclusive GC3 home, your residence will elevate at every level.

Bindor Real Estate Corp represents the next generation of leadership for both commercial and residential ventures throughout South Florida. Led by Founder and Managing Member Drew Dorsy, along with Vice President Paola M. Garcia-Carrillo, the experienced team boasts decades of combined experience in construction, development, finance procurement, management, consulting, global investments and most notably, private equity and real estate  transactions in the United States, England, Brazil and Australia.

With impressive exposure to the multiple facets of the real estate business, Drew Dorsy has refined his perspective and extensive skills, allowing him to have an astute and forward thinking vision. This is a great advantage that grants Bindor a clear lead when scouting ideal locations to invest in and develop.

Bindor is now forming a joint venture with GC3 Development, one of South Florida’s leading residential developers led by Michael Garcia-Carrillo, together with their diverse backgrounds they will elevate both the quality and caliber of projects they already have completed. With a philosophy to develop unique and innovative projects, South Florida is sure to experience a growth of highly desirable options of real estate opportunities rarely come across, until now.